Hey guys with the GK 1390cc.

1. what comprestion are you running?
2. any one porting these? and who is doing them (no powervalves) what is it like? for gains?
3.how fast are you running and what are your mods with it?

I am running high 70s (75-77 depending on water and day)
I am at 165 psi
vf 3 / with stuffers
key way 3*
carbs 110 pilots
1.5 N/S
135 mains
cross overs blocked
chokes gone
F/A Protec
duel fuel feeds
dumping # 3 over
freeflow (with 2.5 inch orface for added back PSI)
R&D old style plate with skeggs ( @ 1.125)
tabs to the hull
d-plate + .100
concord 14/24 @ 7100
1200 R&D grate

I am sure I forgot something.
I am thinking for winter:
Pitching down my 02 pump for a drag race hole shot monster.
getting a 05 w/DF for top end.
800 grate
looking for more differant ideas for spring.