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Thread: Fuel Cooling

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    Fuel Cooling

    With all the talk as of late of alt fules and nos I was thinking of ways to cool the fule. I know the fule sitting in the tank must get warm on a hot day. Add that to hot air and thats why we loose the rpms and hp. But if one could get the fule temp down it should help. Hot roders have used cool cans for years. I was thinking of some kind of heat exchanger for the fule and tap off the cooling inlet water to cool it. What do you guys think

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    I would routinely put in 40lbs of ice in the front of my skis next to the gas tank while riding the local lakes in AZ. It DOES help, and the ski doesn't seem to mind the extra weight. I wouldn't bother in cooler environments.

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    you can run a thermal electic watercooler on the fuel lines.

    |||| <- heatsink
    +++ <- thermo electric cooler
    ooo <- heatexchnage block (fuel will travel in here)

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