Has anyone else had this problem?
If left out in the rain or splashed, water accumulates in the instrument cluster detent. There are no drain holes and the seal to the cluster is defective so it fills with water and has now shorted out. The design was changed for the next model year.
I have another problem lately. The ski ran fine for months (no instruments but a working warning beep.) I was running at speed when the engine started running on 2 of 3 cylinders. Lately when I try and start it it runs on 1 or 2 cylinders and then will run normally for a while but as I back off on the power, it drops to running erratically.
I have replaced the plugs and coils with no luck. The fuel injectors are working fine and the fuel is fresh and not contaminated.
The machine was one of the first 4 tecs delivered and never did run smoothly from the beginning. I took it in under warranty twice and was told that there were no error codes and they could find nothing wrong.
It would not idle smoothly and at certain rpms, the engine would surge a few hundred rpms at constant speed.
It appears to me to be a faulty ignition module.
I took it in recently to the local dealer and they did not know and wanted to replace parts one by one until they eliminated the problem!
Any ideas?