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    Please Consider Business Ethics

    As many of you know, primarily those on the Seadoo side, I have been a member of this forum from its earliest stages as solely a 4-tec forum and and the various other domains it took on, a moderator for quite a long time, and also have had tremendous involvement in the watercraft industry via employment in a dealership.

    Over the course of these past few years this site has continued to grow, evolve, and gain recognition by top PWC organizations and magazine journalists. This has led to a large influx of new users of all types: recreational riders, sanctioned racers, shop technicians and salesman, etc.

    I welcome each and any one of you to contact me with questions you may have and a large sum of people take me up on that. Iím exposed to a large volume of forum members contacting me asking for prices on parts, availability of skis, asking for advice, looking for reassurance, or just looking for friendship. Itís the most demanding job Iíve ever had, and I love it, and I love not making a red cent from doing what I do here. I happily help and share what I do know and point people in the right direction, and at times I can lose it or have a rough day like any other human being and blow off a few PMs and get disgruntled, but thatís me, thatís human, and we have good days and bad.

    Point beingÖ I participate on the forum A LOT. I share a lot about technical information, and share a lot about my personal life as well as if the forum was family and you all knew what girl I was with, or what ski I currently owned, or which motor I blew up this month, or which nights I was drunk at college (man I miss college)Ö. I work in a shop, I have dealer accounts with just about any manufacturer, catalog, or performance company you desire, yet I can honestly say I never made a single sale of a single part on this forum aside from new unit sales or an extended warranty promotion Jerry and I organized a few years ago when the forum was smaller. Participation and Contribution Ö 100% volunteerÖ

    So you ask, how does the title of this thread tie into what Iím trying to convey? EasyÖÖ Disrespect and Greed.

    It has come to my attention that with the large influx of forum membership, that disrespect and greed has caused people to lose sight of some business ethics and we have shop owners and technicians among us that prefer to ignore the participation aspect of the forum and just sell parts to rival the prices found in the online store. The very online store that SUPPORTS and RUNS this community forum. Itís disappointing these individuals give nothing to the sport, nothing to the forum, but will gladly make some money off you. Some of you may jump up and down at an opportunity to save some money, whereas some of you have come to me asking if this type of behavior is permitted, if I was aware of it, or if I have pursued something similar on my own since I have plentiful resources. Iím happy to see a lot of you view this as wrong and unethical, as do I.

    I made mention of some of these matters to Jerry (Green Hulk, the site founds and owner), and he was greatly deterred to hear that such things were occurring right before his eyes on his own forum via PMs and e-mail.

    There is no way for the site administration to keep the place open to the public with unrestricted registration while simultaneously shielding out those individuals that are here only to make a quick buck. On behalf of Jerry and the rest of the administration and moderator staff, we ask you to please consider these facts in the event you are approached by solicitors. Please report such instances to any member of the staff via PM or e-mail and you are promised to remain completely and utterly anonymous.

    Thank you for your time.

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    As a relatively 'newbie', I guess that I am not sure just what sort of solicitations you are warning us about. There is a long running thread called "eBay bin", which I have been known to contribute this what we are talking about? What about forum members that say, "by the way, I have this or that part that I don't need anymore..."

    Maybe the desire to be 'politically correct', and not offend anyone, can be relaxed, so that we all know what to look out for....

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    Shibbiy is talking about selling stuff that is offered in Jerry's (Greenhulk) store. owns this forum. E-bay is fine as well as stuff that is not offered in the store as long as its not a commercial dealer.
    Greenhulk built this house lets respect that!!

    1) No Commercial products or paper "packages". Please contact Green Hulk or miketrin if you have a product you would like to sell to the members.

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