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    Impeller Pitch's

    Ok, so...a newbie to this fascinating industry I am. Or better known as the world of modding out seadoo's and picking the right impeller for my application. I have a bone stock 05 RXT and will be getting a new impeller here pretty soon. I think I have read too many options on this forum cuz I'm confused on what to put in my machine. Maybe a SOLAS 14/17R? Has anyone had any problems with this impeller or can maybe give any advice as of why my machine has like a 10/21 or something like that, and many individuals on this forum have choosen to go with a completely different pitch? I may not read the numbers right..but will try, 10 meaning more of a holeshot and 21 meaning more top end? Im sure im wrong, but im trying indeed. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    Not a bad guess... I THINK 13-18 is about where you need to be, But water temps may let you pull 13-19 14-19?

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    water temps will be around 45 degrees F in a few weeks once the rivers thaw completely. so ya think 14/19R huh...? with cold water and all? in the middle of july, the lakes get to about 70 while the rivers stay around 60 to 65...most of the summer here, the air temp will reach about 75 during the day, 60 at night.

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    Plug your rideplate holes. Do an intake air mod(cheap if homeade). Then put on a 13.5/17.5. You should be around 67-68mph.

    You can also put in some denso iridium spark plugs for 40.

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