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    performance mods for non sc rxp

    Ok i'm a newb at this I have been buildin up cars for the past 4 yrs and am looking to get out of that as my pockets get drier an drier lol. I picked up an 07 rxp non sc last night (last sc one sold literally 5 min before I arrived) and I was wondering after break in, what performance mods I could do?

    any help would be greatly appreciated
    also my brother picked up an 07 gtx. We live in sw fl and were wondering if there were any meets we might be able to go to and get more knowledge.


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    Hi Jay, welcome to the forum.

    There really isn't a whole lot out there for the naturally aspirated 4-tecs. You could make your own cold air intake and ditch the stock one. That will help with some heat fade in the summer months.

    All the handling mods such as intake grate, wedge, sponsons, etc. will fit your ski.

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    fill ride plate holes and grate
    thumb throttle (preferance)
    o.p.a.s removal (preference)
    cold air intake
    wedge (preference)
    modefied water box or thru hull (preference)
    splash guard (a must) (preference) if you like to get wet
    hydro turf seat and mats (preferance)

    preference=some people like it, some people don't.

    these are some stuff you can do as a performance and custemizing your ski to your likings.

    and welcome to the forum hide your change $$$

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    can you buy a charger like a rude and put it on a non sc? wat would you need?

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    Out of curiosity, I wonder how fast you could go if you hop up the 155 hp model.

    Cold air intake, Riva grate, Riva wedge would be a good start.

    How high is the rev limiter? Is it ~7700 like the GTX or 8200 like the RXP? If it's 7700, then an RXP ECM and MAP sensor would be worth some power.

    Then, you could move on to head porting. Also, there are several cams available. I bet that 200+ hp isn't out of the question. You could then use a 13/18r or stock RXP prop on it and it would do around 66-67.

    Just a few thoughts. . .


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    Quote Originally Posted by dbowles22 View Post
    can you buy a charger like a rude and put it on a non sc? wat would you need?
    different ecu/electrical
    different pto housing and drive set-up
    I`m not sure if the TB is in front vs in the rear.

    yes, if you spend alot of mulla and change everything over...

    is it worth it, not...PR...

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    You could try an AAT on it. it realy wakes up the midrange on the NA models and gets you a little more top end as well.

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    well I do have an extra garret turbo layin around, if I lowered the compresion on the pistons and have a custom manifold made would it work? also checked w/ West Coast and they want like 5g's for the sc not including install. I almost pooped my britches. It would be easier to piece a kit togethar. and on top of that they want 300 for my first service which stinks.

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    Mountain GTI has his 130 HP GTI up to around 190-200 and 64+ MPH, and that's a GTI. There are some mods, but it's going to cost serious money for small gains. If you're serious, do a turbo setup or something. You should even be able to add low boost (say 5 PSI) to the stock engine and keep it pretty reliable. People supercharge Corvettes with 10:1 compression all the time.

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