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    rotax Power Flow exhaust install ??

    I just got my Rotax Racing Exhaust Pipe in the mail yesterday. I was looking in the ski and seeing how it goes in. I figured it out pretty much however, I want to remove that big black plastic looking resonator peice. However it looks like the pipe does not make it anywhere to close to the stock exhust hole. Do I need to buy a piece of hose or another pipe?? Sorry for being dumb right now, I have alot going on with Nissan and me about my truck. So any help would be awsome


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    that big plastic thing is your resonator and it must be removed. The easiest way to remove it is to remove the rubber hoses off of each end, remove the 1 bolt that goes into the hull, raise the resonator up a bit and then use a sawzall to cut the part of the resonator off that the hoses attached to. It will pull right out after that.

    Then you connect the power flow exhaust to the waterbox and the other end to the hose on the exhaust outlet.

    Basically the power flow pipe replaces the stock exhaust hose and resonator.

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    Thanks Hulk once again you Rock! Also Store rocks too. Will let you all know how I make out

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