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    uh oh... nitro is a/f on later models dependent on front air intake?

    later models ,04 and up i think, have the air intake moved to the front.

    They also have the a/f leaned out on their maps, i've read, to yield better fuel economy.

    So are they dependent on a more restrictive air intake (long skinny tube going to the front) to limit air and keep the a/f good with the lean fuel map?

    i know some guys run a Rude charger on the rxp with stock fuel maps/ecu because they keep the restrictive stock intake and IC. With intake and external IC they have to go with riva ecu and 50# injectors. So it made me wonder about my 04 honda.

    dont know if the front intake is more restrictive..was just thinking about this because i want to trash my front intake on my 04 and go with a KN off the turbo like my 02. Not sure if it will be too much air for the map tho'.. so I thought i'd better go to the TECH forum and find out ;-]

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    They moved it up front to better help service the engine. Also if you notice the 2002 has the fitting on the Oil case for this, Its just Honda waited till the 03 R12 intro to do this. The F12x followed

    The A/F will not be affective if you change to the KN. But, I would rather you route the air up front and out to fresh air on the outside. (look under the Reverse lever area, thats were i go)


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    thx Shawn. CAI ...i get it.

    I'll take a look this weekend and see what i can figure out.

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    im looking to go to a new air intake for my ski, any suggestions. its an 04 f-12x 34hrs!! thanks

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