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    2005 gp1300 vs 2006 gp1300 which one to buy?

    i am a sea doo rxp guy but am thinking of swithing over to the other side. i have 2 skis lined up and one is a 2005 gp with 48 hours, and the other is a 2006 gp with 55 hours. i like the black one better but the 2005 is cheaper. what is the difference between the 2? and my rxp ran 72.3 and i roast my buddies with 2007 gp1300's. what do i have to do to get 75 out of this thing

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    Well there is really no difference between the two besides colors. Getting to 75 should be too hard.

    VF3 Reeds
    150 psi head
    FF Plate
    14/20 dy impeller
    EFI controller
    800r Grate
    Jetworks kit
    Riva D-Plate
    Sonic Boom Throttle Bodies

    That should get you to 75. I was at 73 mph with just Reeds, jetworks kit, impeller, grate, efi controller, and d-plate.

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