Here is the wierdest thing I have seen yet. I put on my new repitched impeller. Went for a 35 mile ride. Came back to the beach and let the ski sit for about 45 minutes. Went for another ride and the ski will not take off. I checked that maybe I sucked something up. I felt like the impeller was coming loose. SO i pull the ski out and take the pump off. When I got the last bolt just about off, the pump exploded towards me. I thought that I got shot. Everything looked good. I may have had to much grease on the splines and created a hydraulic lock condition. I put the pump back on, put the ski in the water and now then I started getting water in the hull. I went for a ride to get the water out and after that ride no more water. SKi ran just as good as the first run. It was dry for the rest of the day. I feel a little vibration now, but that could just be in my mind. ANy comments or suggestions??

Peter.......oh top speed best run 70.0mph I still may need another repitch from PPG. ONly hitting 8000RPMS.