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    What do you think, new crank or not?

    Well I ripped down my 93 sl750 .. The motor has been water logged for about 8 months. The motor was never turned over when water was in it nor did the water freeze so I'm not worried about stuff being bent. However I am worried about the bearings / rust.

    The pistons, sleeves and rods look like they just have spot rust on them, The crank has rust all over it. You think I could soak these parts in oil for a couple days, wipe them down, and rebuild. Or should I consider a new crank regardless.

    I'm interested in what you guys think as I have heard conflicting answers from local mechanics around the area.

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    Waterlogged and 8 months spell disaster for me.
    I would also think with a bunch of hours on an engine, why not do it now and be DONE.
    I hate to do things twice, so that's another deciding factor for me.
    Cost to get another set of gaskets, break it in again etc.
    You wouldn't have to worry about a failure at a later date and if it fails it MAY be catastrophic......maybe even enough to destroy a set of cases.

    I vote rebuilt crank.

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    Yeah I agree with you.. Do you know who can rebuild a crank for me, also how much it would cost? As far as a gasket kit, know of where I can get that also. Thanks!

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    Brand new in the box 1200 and MSX cranks - $750.00 outright - $650.00 with good core

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