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Thread: BOV block off.

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    Arrow BOV block off.

    Is it possible to take off the BOV and block the Riva aluminum intercooler plumbing pipe with aluminum plate?
    I know i have some pressure leake in the system just want to make sure if the BOV working proberly.

    Is it going to harm the SC washers and metal bearing if I did block the BOV?

    I know thet Rotex inter cooler type doesn't have that BOV option on it.
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    Yes, you can easily block it off by using a piece of aluminum, silicone it in place and bolt it down.

    Here's a tip. If you have a spare inner OPAS blockoff plate laying around it will fit perfectly to block off the BOV. You just have to drill out the bolt holes slightly bigger

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    The purpose of the blow off valve is to relieve backpressure against the blower.

    When the blower is spinning at high rpms and high boost, and you happen to let off the throttle suddenly, you slap the throttle blade shut and the result is that the blower receives a backward charge of momentum from the pressurized air. This can sometimes cause the blower impeller to either stop suddently or in some applications can actually reverse rotate the blower. It's very hard on the components.

    It's more useful for auto applications where you mash the gas and run the rpms up to redline and then stomp the clutch and let off the throttle to shift. Unless you powershift (keeping your foot on the gas), the pressurized air has nowhere to go....thus the need to "blow off" the excess pressure. The BOV senses a pressure differential from the intake plenum side of the throttle and the blower side of the throttle and opens a valve blowing off.

    In a jet ski applications, it helps a little with the in/out water exchanges where the load on the engine and the rpms spike and plummet suddenly. (same condition that tears up the sc clutch and is hard on the washers).

    You don't HAVE to have a BOV valve, but it's kinda like a catch can. Provides a little more insurance and assuming it's working properly, doesn't hurt anything.

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    I did removed BOV and block it of with aluminum plate the RPM increased in top speed and got more speed

    before i get 8050 RPM
    and top speed 71.2 Mile

    now i get 8250 ROM
    and top speed 73.2 mile but i think my ski got more power to pull off

    Impeller 15/19 R
    water tepm 89

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