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    2007 C180 SCIC Coolant and Level

    Hi Everyone,

    I was winterizing my 2007 Challenger 180 SCIC when I noticed the coolant reservoir indicated the level is below the min cold mark!

    This boat is only 2 months old with less than 2 hours on the clock ... need I top up the coolant? If so, how much is a jug at the stealerships? Are there any alternatives such as Prestone?

    Thanks in advance!


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    This is normal, there is often a little air trapped in a new engine. There is no need to top it off now as long as there is some coolant in the reservoir. The coolant in the resevoir does NOTHING to help you. Even in the spring, I would not be in a rush to top off. Its not lubricant. As long as there is something in the reservoir when it stone cold, you are set. Once the initial drop from trapped air, it will stay at the same level all season (40-50 hours in my case).

    Mixing different types of coolant is generally not a good recomendation, it may be OK 99% of the time but you could end up with a nasty combination that only a chemist would understand. Thus manufactures all recommend against mixing types. I would leave it be now and when you feel the need (in a year) drain and fill with your favorite brand, does not need to the BRP. Its very simple to drain (one allen plug on the back of the ride plate).

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    Thanks DougT

    Now a dumb question ... what & where is the ride plate?


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    If you look at the back of the boat, under the jet pump ass'y, the black protector plate there....under it, this is actually the ride plate, it is filled with prestone (antifreeze) and it acts kind like a cooling radiator in the front of your in the center back of it, there is an allen set screw plug, this is the one to remove to drain completely the engine of coolant, now if you want to replace the coolant completely, when you fil it, leave that plug removed until the coolant drips there (then you'll know there is some minimal left over AIR in the system, then you screw it back on, and continue to fill it up until full. Do not forget to re-fill it to the top once riden....ans the level will drop down a bit from left over air trapped in the system....there you go, it's about it...!!!

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    a lot for the guidance ... you guys are gentlemen and scholars!

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    it was probably shipped from sea doo with low coolant. for some reason all the boats (not the skis) are shipped with low coolant. like stated, its not a problem so long as there is some in the resevoir. just top it off in the spring and forget it. more than likely there is no leak

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    Found it!

    Wally Mart has some undiluted Prestone, clear in color, which it claims is compatible for all makes, all brands.

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