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    Does High Temp alarm put engine in "LIMP"

    I was trying to get some good GPS numbers this evening and I got a high temp alarm....I slowly backed off the trottle but the engine was sputtering....about 5 seconds after idleing the alarm quit and the motor seemed to run normal again but I just idled to my dock.

    I finally broke 75mph @8100 coming out of a cove, took a long sweeping turn at 3/4 throttle then when I went WOT it was held back at 7900 RPMs for a second or two then the alarm went off.

    I am running the GH waterbox w/diffuser still in place(or it was before I rode) and a Jpipe that is cut 1.75 inches and also flared. After inspecting I see that the jpipe coupler had popped off the waterbox and it was spraying water in the hull. Since it was almost dark when I was riding I'll have to diagnose it tomorrow. Either the diffuser in the box has broke loose, or my flared Jpipe isn't letting enough water past the flare or I just didn't tighten the clamp on the Jpipe enough. I rode for 10 minutes without a problem, then it happened

    But my question is when the High temp alarm goes off.....does the ECU put it in Limp mode. I'm trying to conclude that the sputtering was from the High Temp Alarm and not another problem.


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    It did on my RXP, the baffle probably broke off. Remove your j-pipe and look straight down into the waterbox, you will be able to see if it is loose. If it is then just cut it in half and remove it.

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    I was getting hi temp warning(s) last weekend(clogged groco water strainer) and did not go to limp mode....just reset lanyard and was ok till i got home....

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    Sounds like the baffle broke off, but take a look in there.

    Kaybat, How did you manage to clog the Graco ?

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    Mia-it's actually a Shurflo strainer.....the mesh screen was filled with sandy grit, so it was getting flow,just reduced....took a wire brush to it, and so far ok.

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    OK so the diffuser in the waterbox broke apart......not at the welds.....I'm wondering if anymore is going to break off,,,,,,should I try to get the rest of it out?
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    Now that you got that piece out you should be fine.

    Sorry you had the trouble

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    No problem, I just put it all back together and it ran fine......well worth the trouble........if I can just get my car to sound like my RXP.......I'd be a happy man.......this waterbox rules

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