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    I wnet premix, with block off plate.

    put the block off kit on my gtx this morning. In my 96 xp, I have green two stroke oil in it. I think it is the bombardier stuff. Does anyone else have this oil? Can I mix this kind of oil into my gas for my 580 gtx? Its a 92 gtx. I have a full 9 gallons of gas in the gtx gas tank, and if I run 40:1 I will add about 28 ounces of oil to the gas tank right? I was just wondering if I could use the same oil in my 92 gtx as I do in my 96 xp. Thanks, Charlie Cassone.

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    I just bought a blockoff plate for my zxi. I'm about to buy a close to 1200 cc engine for my zxi from a guy on It's got all the other goodies on it too like triple pissers, primer, different carbs and flame arrestors blah blah blah.

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    If it's Bombardier oil (Pennzoil makes a green oil too) it is the original XPS. This oil was specifically designed for our 800's when they came out. It is a synthetic two-stroke oil and costs about $45 a gallon for XPSII (the replacement for XPS, and it's brown in color). Your older skis don't need this expensive lubrication to live, it would be a waste of money. Use the yellow Bomb oil or use Amsoil.

    The thing to remember is you need to use the good stuff in your 96.

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