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    Arrow Personal protective gear for high speed runs

    I have been thinking about the whole speed thing since Johns accident. I must admit it has really grounded me to think what great chances we all take to enjoy the rush and freedom that is felt when grabing a hand full of throttle. I happen to find this website and I think it is worth looking at to see if we could benefit from this gear. If I have posted this in the wrong section, I ask that one of the moderators please place it where it belongs. The main thing is I would like to know what everyone thinks about it. It looks light, and I am sure because it inflates that you would float when you finally come to a stop. It is also very cheap. Watch all the videos it is a total trip. But maybe I have been sniffing to many amsoil fumes lately.
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    I think its an interesting idea but you can probably achieve the same level of protection on the water more conventionally with a good wetsuit, high impact PFD and helmet. The high impact PFD with high collar protects from blunt force trauma and retains warmth.

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