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    Oil Boy Maint Questions

    Have a couple of questions for the RXP maint wizards.

    I got the 10 hr service done and as usual they overfilled the oil, so I bought a oil boy and took it down to about 1/4 above the bottom notch (cold engine).

    Can I keep the leftover oil (it a brand new)in the oil boy container and use it down the road. I'm wondering about 1) the oil ( will it lose anything sitting in the oil boy container 2. The effect on using that oil in the engine down the road. 3. Any harm to the oil boy using it as a storage container.

    Also, does anybody know the amount of oil it takes to add to go from the the bottom notch to the top notch on the dipstick or visa versa.

    If anybody has used the oilboy before, how long did it take to remove all the oil from your RXP?

    Thanks so much

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    Personally,I never keep and/or reuse old oil. I don't care if it only has 2 minutes on it,I toss it. There is to much of a chance of getting contamination in the oil when it its stored outside the original container.............
    For the small price of a quart of new oil,I won't take that chance with my engines. Just my $.02 worth

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