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    Warranty question

    Hi..just wondering if my warranty cover salt water damage to the ski..

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    what kind of salt water damage?? if u perform proper maintenance, salt water can't damage anything

    right away, i'm inclined to say NO because it makes the implication you know salt water causes damage and you don't plan on going the extra few miles to dissolve the salt and treat it appropriately.

    if ur a salt water rider, YOU need to flush the machine after EVERY use at the bare minimum. you also are expected to keep the engine compartment free of rust and corrosion by rinsing the engine down with fresh water and/or misting some bombardier lube or silicone spray all over the components to potect them.

    you rot out your exhaust system bc u dont flush, it wont be covered. u start having engine problems and you have rust and corrosion built up all over the engine block, then dealer is gonna be inclined to say u neglected it, sank it a couple times, and not warranty ther work because it's a mess.

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    Other than flushing th exhaust what else should I do to maintain the ski when using it in saltwater

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    after a day of riding in salt water....

    1. rinse the entire outside of the machine thoroughly
    2. flush the machine on the garden hose for 1-2 minutes at most
    3. open the drain plugs, and rinse the engine compartment down.... yes, everything can get wet. Don't blast it to death with high pressure hose... i personally take the nozzle off the hose and let the water freely and gently flow all over the engine. let it drain completely and tilt it upwards on the trailer
    4. take WD-40, bombardier lube, or some equivalent and mist all the components in the engine compartment.... mainy metal parts like exhaust, clamps, engine block, etc..

    try to store the machine with the seats OFF... or at a bare minimum, let it air dry for several hours before putting the seats back on. alot of moisture can build-up under there if not vented properly for storage

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    Where do you usually drain the exhaust from. I have been using the rear conector in the back of the ski but it seems that water is always leaking out from where i connect it to the ski, I have used another hose as well same problem, anything you can recommend

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