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Thread: kansas river

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    kansas river

    my 2007 gti 130 gps said 53mph...but, it wasnt glass......and ive ran some rocks through sounds like my ski is a little slower than it should be............i was on the kansas river today with full face helmet and rubber boots....i cant seem to leave it in the i had a dredge operator pop his cable out of the water for me......i did not realize how dangerous those things could be......i will be keepin an eye on those things, especially during the weekdays.....i had some fun

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    Where on the kansas river?

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    hwy 7 on ks side kansas river

    i was heading upstream from the edwardsville ramp, there is a couple of dredges up there...........yes i see we are from the same area.........i had started out planning on riding the platte river to the missouri but when i got to farley ramp there was squishy mud from the waters edge 20 ft up the i headed to leavenworth but that ramp had a little mud and the dock was gone,,,,,dont know if it washed away or they put it away for winter, so i went to the edwardsville ramp, i think i could of made it to desoto, the river was up......chickened out...i was having a hard time determining where the channel was, the wind wasnt helping........have you been on these waters

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    Kansas River

    did not know you could pwc on ks river...
    can you give me more info on it??
    we go to Pomona and Clinton lake alot, but have
    been looking to put together a river run around kc area
    (in spring of course now)

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    low water

    the water was low on the kansan we went to the missouri river..........i like the kansan because its closer and more serene, you can load at kaw point and ride up to 435 or load at edwardsville and ride as far as you dare, ive been past the desoto ramp. when you cross the river by car on 435 that body of water above that dam is a good place to new to this sport...i dont think running these rivers are for everyone........i was relaxing on a sandbar on the missouri today that was beautiful........and all the drift wood that piles up means easy firewood.......i bought my ski for the rivers....ran it over concrete....sucked rocks up in the impellor.....ive gotten better..........ive been to hillsdale and clinton both of those are nice its fun riding where your not afraid to get the water in your mouth.......i think the rivers can be smoother because the current holds the waves down.......which is good for cold water riding.................see you out there

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    I use to live in edwardsville and have pictures of the 92 flood at the ramp. The whole park was under and went all the way up the road about 2 blocks.

    The last time I was down there, about 8 years ago, the ramp was closed.

    I have never considered riding on the kansas or missouri river, I didn't know it was legal and safe.

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    Friends of the KAW

    new ramps were built by volunteers and Friends of the KAW an organization that is helping negative conditions of the rivers..........and they ride kayaks, and we try to be as courteous as possible, to not endanger them that are H.P.challenged................and access is and safe? these are public rivers that have been blocked from public useage..............if your scared, buy a dog

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    What the hell are they doing on the river up there, the construction? By Peterbilt?? How did the water feel??

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    dam river

    i heard it is some sot of a dam for johnson county's water supply.....i also heard they are going to be putting a portage through there if thats the proper word, a way through by boat.....that will really open that river up....i was on the missouri sunday 67 degree air temp, i was walking the beach barefooted, but i wouldnt want to go swimmin' had a fire goin' i wore rubber boots and fullface helmet while riding, went from 435 in kansas to north of leavenworth...........see ya

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    If you have been to the ramp in edwardsville here's some pictures I took of the flood. The one from the car is looking east from I-435 going north. The picture of the road is 9th street looking south. The part underwater is the ramp at 9th and woodend road.
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