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    Polaris experience required?

    Does anyone know if a 1050 cylinder is the same as my 700, I found some excellent 1050 cylinders at a great price and would purchase them as spares if I knew they would fit my 700. Reason I ask is they appear to be a different part #. Appreciate the info. Thanks Andrew

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    They are both 81MM, the reason for different part numbers could be due to a boss or mount from one cylinder to the next. Could be different port heights or shape as well.
    Give Randy at Watcon a call, I'm pretty sure he'll know the difference as he probably has them both on a shelf at his place.

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    Hi Andrew.Yes the 1050 Cylinders will bolt on.The 700 is identical to a 1050,2 cylinders instead of 3.There are usually minor differences in design of cylinder and head with part # changes.It seems every year had different #'s.If used in sets you should be fine.

    Different head part #'s usually have different compression/dome size.On the late model head I noticed cooling holes were moved around,little more here,little less there.People say difference in cyl performance , most people will not notice.

    96/97 700 cylinders were replaced by 3021019,which were used on 98/99 1050. I think you should still use them in pairs.
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    700s are the same year as 1050 , 96&97 009's the rest are most likely 019's

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