greetings from aruba,,I am helping out a friend of mine who has a seadoo RXP 2004. he had mayor engine damage due to supercharger faillure.his stator/flywheel housing , engine block and supercharger are beyond repair.
we managed to buy a good used (disassembled )non supercharged engine with all the items(statorhousing /crank /pistons etc) but less the cylinderhead.
the seadoo owner is no speed freak, and he would not mind to assemble it without the supercharger setup. it would cost him a big bunch of$$ to get all the missing parts. but with what we have here we could assemble the engine complete(non supercharged).
now ,my questions,,would this setup be compatible with the ECU and the camshaft?
which pistons should I use? the low compression ones or the non supercharged model pistons?
what are the performance numbers between a supercharged /non supercharged RXP?
hope that someone could give me some answers/suggestions.