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    Question 1999 XL1200 Wont crank

    MY XL 1200 quit this weekend. I don't know anything about the machine, but trying to get some ideas before I pull it off the lake and take to Yamaha dealership in NC. It made a strange buzz at first start and engine didn't crank just the "starting" message on display. Then after a minute I tried again again it cranked up. We rode it for about 30 minutes including turning off/on a few times. Then after one shutdown it would not start again and made this 'buzz/humming noise when we tried to crank it. Anyone have any suggestions.(oil levels OK)

    Thanks, Bill

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    Check the battery cables and the engine ground for a good clean conection.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beerdart View Post
    Check the battery cables and the engine ground for a good clean conection.

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    Red face XL1200

    Thanks for the quick response. I will check out connections this weekend.


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    As stated earlier, check the battery cables and connections for sure.

    Second thing I'd do is jump from the starter terminal to the battery positive. If the engine tries to turn over then, check the starter solenoid inside the electronics box.

    Youwon't be actually running this engine very long (if it does start).
    While you are testing, do not put the ski on the hose! That's what killed my engine.

    The hose is only needed once the engine starts and you expect it to run for a few minuites.

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