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    Porpoising and chop ...

    RXP with Riva grate

    Maybe my chop-o-meter is different from others, but I figure on a bigger lake it can get pretty hairy.

    If there's white caps is that considered really bad in the grand scheme of things? I think the worst I saw yesterday was maybe 1 foot to a foot and a half between peak and valley, and they were spread out, the ones that bad.

    Anyways ... I couldn't manage anymore than about 20 in these conditions or it would come unhooked almost constantly. With just me on the ski, I could hardly run WOT without borderline uncontrollable porpoising, no matter where the trim was. This was in much smoother water, right next to the dam, but still with 20-30mph wind.

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    you sound like a man after my own heart!! someone that actually knows how to post honestly and has a clue hwo to measure the height of chop... lol

    i've heard some funny ones... like 5 foot chop, 6 foot... even 8 foot chop!

    if u don't have already.... intake grate will DEFINITELY help with this.. and if u are experiencing the machine rocking side to side thru the chop, the sponsons will help with that.

    you need the grate tho for sure, no matter what

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    Re: Porpoising and chop ...

    Quote Originally Posted by Flyer
    RXP with Riva grate

    No side to side ... I try and stay perpendicular to the chop or at a slight angle.

    Although, if I really get ambitious and try to man it out, it has some tettering effect going on.

    In the grand scheme of things ... would that be moderate-severe or what?

    I always hear people saying that the Riva grate stays hooked in moderate chop, but I didnt stand a chance in the monsoon like winds yesterday.

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    FWIW, I think there's a couple other members that go to the same lake too. It's Lake O' the Pines. Where's its real bad is in Hurricane Creek. The wind comes across the lake and funnels down into what's called Hurricane Creek and magnifies, also making the chop more severe.

    I wouldn't think much of it, but there were other skis out there running about like there was nothing to it.

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    i should read a little closer huh?

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    Here's a crappy pic I made up real quick to illustrate.
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    1-2 foot wind-blown white cappers aren't that bad. In fact, that's my favorite type of water to drag race in Being heavier than most, that's where I can use my weight to my advantage.

    If you've already got the Riva grate, get rid of the OPAS and stock sponsons. Put the trim at one above the bottom.

    When riding through the chop, stand up and put your feet towards the back of the ski on the inclined part of the foot wells. Sitting down and going fast in chop will just hurt your back. Distribute your weight about 65% legs/ 35% arms with your chest over the bars.

    Keep your knees bent and use your legs like shock absorbers. When the ski pops up from the chop, absorb it with your legs, and as quickly as you can, literally stomp it back down into the water. Sometimes you have to feather your throttle to get the pump to reengage with the water, but with the setup listed above it generally does a good job of rehooking on its own.

    Another trick to get your pump to settle into the water and hook up is to quickly switch weight between your feet to get the pump loaded. Think of doing a fast see-saw between your feet. Use this to break the porpoising rhythms that you can sometimes get caught into in chop.

    It's hard to explain this in text. If you ever make it over to the DFW area (or we ever make it back to Caddo) I could show you what I mean if you are still interested.

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    Jarrett... I think you described that perfectly

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    That's all hard to do riding 2 up though.

    I guess I should have menetioned that before. As well as OPAS is already removed. I was just htinking that maybe something was bad wrong with the ski or people are usually over exagerant with the 'chop measureing'. I don't mind riding in it at all with just me, but with my wife on, it makes it rough.

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    we get chop like that in the afternoon at my local lake. It makes it almost impossible to ride over 35mph. I only get to do high speed in the morning. After that it is all about the acceleration and getting air.

    I experience the same things as you. The riva grate helped, but not like I was led to believe. I think I have heard riva is the best all around intake, but worx is the best for the rough. I really wish they were easier to change (snap in and out) so that I could have one in the calm and switch to something else in the rough.

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