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    Question jet pump

    2000 slh . I need to replace the jet pump on my ski. What are my options here? I dont know what is compatible with my ski as far as extended pumps and what are the advantages to these extended pumps. Or should i just go oem? I need some expert opinions.

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    You already have the extended version and these pumps are modular so except for the impeller and drive shaft length you can use any part from any year 94 up

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    jat pump

    thanks zmann. now i can find a new unit for this ski.

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    Whats wrong with yours?? ebay is a good source as are a few vendors like zigler ( see link at bottom) on this site
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    jet pump

    the bearings failed as a result of a alingnment issue. I did not aline the motor after overhauling the motor. I was unaware that this needed to be done.

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    Bearings are readily available Parts land is like 60.00 for the set or you can get them at local bearing suppliers or buy the stator used how are the drive shaft mating surfaces?

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    I have made time to look at the pump stator housing. The bearings chewed on the impeller shaft , so thats a done deal. also the stator housing took a great deal of the ball bearings so that also is a done deal. I hope to find a used pump that is decent shape w/upgrade impeller.

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    Check Ebay stores. I think there's a pump with impeller for $70. Like Zmann said, any pump/stator from 94 and newer will work. The impeller is a different story though.

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    I have pump parts. Let me know what you need and I wiil build you one up. Pics of what you have would help.

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