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    Just thought I would post up some pics for all of you haters

    Here are some pics of me at Northwestern for a football camp where I was offerd a full scholarship....I have been thinking about how some of you came acroos to me and it pretty much pissed me off...And by the way, on the rosters they cant post you as a new member untill you have your high school diploma in hand...Yes i graduated early, but I will not receive my diploma untill the regular graduation date...My freind Justin Boren graduated first early first semester (only had to take 2 6 weeks) and got his diploma in ahnd early that is why he is listed on Michigans new member roster...
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    Totally: Hey dude, I don`t see the water bucket in your hand? only J/King haha, excellent bro! academics pay off, do what you like , it will def take you places, Good Luck bro!

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    Thanks PR...yeah I am going to get into Construction Management as my major...Boren is also taking the same course...once we get out of college we are going to take over his dads bussiness together. He and I work with his dad over the summer all the time...

    Man them Offraod Dump trucks are fun when you are being pulled behind them off road on a sled in the snow going 40!

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    you know, I've never said anything out of the way to you but what you've posted here and on another thread sounds to me like your saying that some people should be nicer to you because your big. Man that is a bad way to feel/think.

    BTW, over here your only 2 1/2 inches tall and it makes no difference to me how big you are over there.

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    Being big helps.

    Being big and play ball helps more.

    Being trained to fight helps better.

    I don't have anything against you but I'd still tell you things the way I see it no matter how big you are. (and I don't think I ever got in an argument with you, this is just in case).

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    Good luck bro. Wish like hell even today that I woulda had a shot. Stay focused. Don`t get caught up with the wrong crowd in college. Trust me,,,thats REAL easy to do.

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    Totally...How much do you bench? You look like you have good upper body strength. I got up to 290 at a weight lifting competition last week. I am squatting 450, and power cleaning 250. You are huge compared to the kids on our football team. Our seniors are nowhere near your size. Good job. Keep up the good work, and stay healthy!

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    No GTXX I dont think that at all....

    And 11... I am not saying just cause I am big treat me differnt from everyone else, and I would expect you too tell me things...

    This is thread is only really for like 2 or 3 people who decided to have it "out" for me for some reason???

    BUt I really appriciate all of you comments.

    Yeah HOSS...I was kind of already initiated in to the football team...with the players at least now I guess its going to be harder to get caught up in the wrong crowd...

    ccassone....actaully my lower body is stronger then my upper body...

    Right now I havent maxed out in 5 weeks, but have been gaining atleast 10 pounds every couple of weeks on bench, squat...I am going for 650, 10 times...

    I have 2 more weeks untill I max out and then I will know exact numbers..

    I am trying to eat extremely healthy also, Red Meat only once a week, and lots of fish and chicken, no complex sugars, LOTS of protien (shakes,bars, ect...)...NU said wehn i come up in late July they want me at 270....right now I am 280 but thats because I am lifting and I have my lifting "chub" on me ... Once It gets in may I will start running more and more and loose my lifting chub and get my speed back...4.77 40 yard

    O and the good thing about the scholarship is they are red shirting me which gives me 5 years to get my bachelors and then they will pay for up to 3 years for me to get my much better of a deal can it be!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Totallyblown
    Ok, I guess I will clue you in since you must be out of it...

    Unless you are bigger then 6'5" 280..and can becnh over 500 pounds and squat over 900 pounds DO NOT SPEAK TO ME!
    Yeah you're right nobody would EVER mistake this statement for you expecting people to treat you different due to your size...

    And another thing while we're at it:

    I'm trying really hard to understand how this works but aside from you throwing up some pics of yourself at a football camp that either you or your high school had to pay for so you could attend:

    Please feel free to explain to me how a recruit at another school seemingly in your same situation (graduated early and enrolled early) can amazingly show up on his teams projected spring roster (Tim Tebow...No. 15 at Florida)

    But yet you (who by your accounts has followed much the same path of early graduation, etc...) can't even seem to make it onto the list of spring signees produced by the school you're supposedly going to be attending?

    I mean maybe I'm missing it but I've gone through every page of this and can't seem to find you anywhere... I guess somehow or another you're just different and held to special circumstances as opposed to EVERY SINGLE OTHER SPRING SIGNING AT EVERY OTHER COLLEGE IN THE COUNTRY. I mean I knew Northwestern was a different kind of school but I never expected them to be that much different...Guess you live and you learn huh...

    But hey I'll give you're definately a doubt about that...

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