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    Question about Timing

    Alright lets say Advent comes through with their ECU for us with EFI skis. I have seen on here where it is very close to being finished and I hope this is the case. This will obviously control fuel mapping, timing, and rev limiter among other things.

    My question is what if you are running a keyway and you throw this one and jack with the timing setting? Or would you need to take the timing key off to run it? I know the question can not be answered with out a doubt but what do you think? Since I am in the middle of this motor build it is one of the things I am looking at. I am also wanting to only bump the timing like 1 degree (gas here isn't that great, 91 octane only). Anyways any info on the new ECU would be cool or if you think you can answer my question that would be cool.


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    you can simply leave the 3 degree keyway installed

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