Its time for a 550 Jr class
I can only say one thing. When i started, racing ski's 1980 to 92 they cost about $ 1,400 to $ 3,500. Now with the price of ski's only the middle class and up can afford them. And most of your hall of fame talent was from the early years was from lower income, teenagers with jobs not the parents money. So you out class the talent. Put it this way more people can afford to take a risk and buy a $ 2'500 ski and seen if they like riding jet ski's. Witch they will. As a former racer. I could get a 550 and put my teenager on it and race for about 1,500 bucks. That would get me back to the races with my kids. But where. Its full bore $$$$$ or nothing. So it looks like my kids Will never race jet skis. We need a 550 Jr class for fresh talent. low budget racing. It still means i will have to spend money for her to ride and train. but the cost of fuel will be OK for a 550= 5 gallons= 2 to 3 hours of riding. but i know with the sxr you get 45 minutes per tank. like i heard all weekend it's the money factor' the pricier its gets = less racers. So make it affordable = Racers & fans. Get on track and your sport will grow like a Weed.