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    Talk about 10 pounds in a 5 pound bag!!!!

    I wonder how this thing goes?

    Look at the piping in the back!

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    HOLY CRAP...

    stock IC too...

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    There's another vid of it racing indoors. Sick as hell. Holeshot was amazing and it was fast as hell in turns.

    *EDIT...actually a different one. Here it is
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    Holy chit!! Never seen indoor like that. Freaking crazy out of those corners!!

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    That's totally crazy. Those guys have got some balls!

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    are this frm from indonesia? i hear they speak but couldnt get it clear,,,the language similar to indonesia though,,,

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff C View Post
    I wonder how this thing goes?

    Look at the piping in the back!

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    that looks FUN as hell if u get the HOLESHOT!!!!!!! PERIOD!

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    says made by Piranha....maybe they can enlighten us

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