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Thread: 07 Wake 155hp

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    07 Wake 155hp

    Need some input on what upgrades to add for more speed.

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    There's no big aftermarket for the non-supercharged skis, but with some reasearching, you'll find some stuff. Check out this thread here:

    Mountain GTI has a 130 HP GTI, but it's just a detuned 155 and everything still applies. Just off the top of my head, here are some things you can still do:

    • Free mods (fill ride plate and intake grate holes, check the How-To section) trim the reverse bucket, adjust throttle cable, block up the OPAS, make sure your oil level is right, etc. You can gain 1 or 2 MPH from free mods alone. Check out the thread "70 MPH RXT on free mods", he gets really into it.
    • Make your own custom air intake. Lots of threads on here about that. Should give you more RPM and 1 or 2 MPH.
    • Intake grate. The Riva grate is supposed to add some top speed and it keeps you hooked up better for higher speed in choppy water and better handling.
    • OPAS block-offs. You can get all sorts of different ones, check out Reduces drag for more top speed and less "hunting" in choppy water and waves. You loose the OPAS function, but I'm not sure how much mine does anyway.
    • Pump wedge. This goes between your pump and nozzle to "trim up" your nozzle, lifting the bow for less drag and around a 1 MPH gain. It's not a great idea for people who tow skiers and tubers, however, and you've got a Wake, soo....
    • Exhaust. Look in the Tip of the Day section for the waterbox mod. You can gut your waterbox (muffler) for a bit less restriction, and you can buy a thru-hull exhaust kit too. Check
    • Prop. Buy an aftermarket one, or have yours pitched if you can't get near the rev limiter (7600 for you) with yours now.
    There's more, I'm just tired and braindead right now. As you start to read up on this stuff, you'll learn that the world of Seadoo performance is EXPENSIVE! If you've got a craving for really serious speed, it's going to be cheaper to trade on a supercharged model. If you really love your 'doo and you just want to improve it a bit, read this site like crazy. It's a library of knowledge. Do some searches. The 155 engine still has some potential... My GTI (lighter hull) can GPS 61 MPH with the Riva grate and free mods. I'm hoping to see 65 next season with the 4" intake and a Solas 11/19 Prop, aluminum pump (mine has broken vanes already), OPAS block-offs, rear exhaust and a couple other goodies.

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