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    Simple Test For Riva Inter Cooler

    What is an easy quick test to check there is no leak in the i/c. Could I just take off the exit hose from the i/c while running and check for water spray or vapour? Or is it best to pull it out and pressure test it. I'm just trying to save removing it if possible.

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    Hook a garden hose to one fitting, block off the other and pressure it up.

    Remove the plumbing and check for leaks.

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    This is easily done while still installed?

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    It is not hard to do, just remove the water lines and the pipes as Jerry stated. I was able to test mine from start to finish in about 1 hour with leaving it hooked to the hose for about 20 minutes. But yes you can leave it mounted in your ski.
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    You can test it with it still in the ski, but not on the hose. Just remove the pipe that connects the IC and throttle body. Go out with the seat off (smooth water) and run WOT for a couple seconds. Don't worry this won't hurt the engine, it's just like running without the SC, you will not see max RPM. This will simulate real world conditions. While riding look into the IC and see if water is sparying out or collecting in the side where you removed the pipe. If not you're good to go. If it does, you have a leaky IC. When you put the pipe back on make sure you get a good seal so you don't lose any boost.

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