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    Intake Grate permanently installed?


    I reinstalled the brass inserts into the plastic portion of the rear hull area. I epoxy'd them.

    However, when I installed the Riva grate the first time, I torqued all the bolts down pretty good. The problem was that the intake grate doesn't fit real well (imagine that....Riva has fitment issues ) and so when you torque them all down equally, the front is actually pulling in which torques the rear outward more.

    I discovered the rear of the intake grate ripped out of the holes and the front real snug (angled).

    So my question that I've stripped the very rear bolt on the back group of 3, can I simply epoxy the hole or do I really need to drill/tap it? I don't ever anticipate having to take the grate off. Anything I need access for I can pull the pump.

    So what would be the drawbacks of having a permanently isntalled grate?

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    If it was me I would re tap the hole going into the rideplate tab. Epoxy new fittings in the pump shoe then just snug the bolts up with alot of blue locktite......Clean where the grate meets the hull/pump shoe real well with a non residual cleaner......then just use a liberal amount of right stuff silicone on the back portion on the grate when reinstalling.......use a little on the front mating surface as well...... this is how I installed mine when I pulled an insert out and rode all year in the 74-75 mph range with no problem.......I'm sure you're probably riding at faster speeds then this may not hold up.....but I just rather use alot of silicone than epoxy so I know it is "possible" to remove it if I have to.

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    oh no, i did the exact same thing, drilled it out, took a while and you have to be real careful messing around drilling out that 10mm bolt, ya only get one shot! goodluck

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    Cosmic, you just got me with your signature! I just caught myself absent-mindedly swatting at my screen until I woke up and realized what it was.

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