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    99' Genesis 1200 Pros/Cons

    I'm thinking about buying this Genesis 1200 and I need to know what I'm getting into. I haven't seen it yet but the guy says it doesn't have spark and a local repair shop quoted him $1800 plus for repairs!
    My jetski was built from the advice of this forum and its been running strong with no problems (knock on wood) since the beginning of the year!! I basically ride every weekend!!
    This guy is only asking $400 less trailer! I'm looking at it tomorrow but I need to know if its worth it!
    Again....I call upon the Polaris Gods!!!...Sorry!!

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    Fuel injected or carbs?

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    diffently something to build in to , if you got 10 by 5 feet of garage space to give up go ahead if there was a buy like that around i might scoop it up ,

    see what all if any parts are missing , then calculate what it would cost to replace and repair ,
    list in great to least part of your worrys

    id say worst , 600 $ crank , 300 $ topend with 180 bucks of bore and hone work ,


    sound like a stator or cdi or fualty electrical , that be an easy fix

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    If treated properly that 1200 will be the best motor you have had.

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    Its carbureted. but the guy can't find the paperwork and in the State Of Hawaii, they are pretty anal about it!! Don't know if its going to be worth the trouble! Maybe I should concentrate on My Bayliner which has been sitting in the driveway since 1999......hmmm!!

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