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    BRP's sense of style and design?

    I had a chance to check out the Manufacturer Displays at Havasu and walked away wondering who is responsible for colors and designs at BRP?

    Granted that everyone has their own tastes, but IMO SeaDoo's colors for 2008 are really poor. I was hoping that I would like the RXP-X better when I saw it in person, but I was not impressed. Grey and orange are just boring colors - the ski does not look athletic or intimidating.

    By contrast, RIVA had a RXP on display that looked fantastic.

    They took a red 2007 RXP and removed all of the goofy looking graphics and white colored pieces. They replaced the white hood with a black one and changed some of the trim pieces with a carbon fiber design. They covered the two vacuum cleaner hoses with braided stainless steel hose and recovered the stock seat.

    In a word, the ski looked awesome.

    I walked back over to the SeaDoo display and looked at the Red/White RXP and could hardly believe that it was the same ski.

    Again, no offense to those that have a RXP-X on order, but if you were to survey 100 people on which ski looked faster/better, I'd bet 80%+ would go with the RIVA ski over the RXP-X.

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    i can appreciate what your saying but try this! NAME any mass produced ANYTHING that DIDNT look better after it was OUT and PEOPLE played with it! u just WITNESSED it at Havasu cause that boat has been OUT! just WAIT till the SILVER BULLET has been around the BLOCK a minute then tell me whats up! TRUST me! Riva's been playing with those colors for 12 months come on my man give it a chance!

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    BRP wants keep it simple and get the numbers out the door.

    OEMs have to balance cost, time to produce and what is enough detail and appeal to sell and limit the number of resources to get their materials.

    Riva's business is taking someone elses product/idea/designs and making it better or different. Think about how easy it is to walk up to something and saying it would have looked better if this was(fill in the blank) or i would have done that this way.

    Meanwhile, BRP is working from the ground up trying to come up with a product to catch the potential buyers eye.

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    Simple and numbers have nothing to do with it, I would hardly call the hideous designs they come up with simple, mainly goofy is what I would say. You can do simple, clean, sophisticated lines as easy as putting a bunch a tacky stuff on it. I LOVE SEADOO, and would never take another ski from another manufacturer, but as for exterior design, they have lacked since they went red on the XPLs in 2002 with the XPL's, and went away from using yellow, black, and silver. And I guess Im talking of the sport machine market, as the 3 seaters had some sweet colors offered for awhile.
    Im into the aftermarket business so I dont care about the colors, Im changing it anyway, but I agree, they lack in that dept. The pics of the RXP-X looks pretty nice though at least in media kits.
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    at first i didn't care for the color scheme of the 08's but now that it grew on me, i really like it. It also looks better in the water....

    i gots meez one and cant wait!!!

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    Yeah, I gotta say, their color choices really suck...
    even the lower ski`s are butt ugly...PR...

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    now the GTI's are ugly....

    eventually you guys will get used to the "x" skis and you will like the color scheme more....the GTI's are just plain U.G.L.Y.

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    My intent wasn't to "bad-rap" the RXP-X as much as it was to give "props" to RIVA's machine - it really looked good.

    I've never been a big fan of the RXP's vacuum cleaner hoses that are on the front hood - they just look cheap. When RIVA covered theres with braided stainless steel it totally changed the look of the ski - more athletic and aggressive. Also, RIVA's use of carbon fiber trim plates made the ski look more modern/expensive.

    On the plus side, I guess we can all be thankful that BRP no longer uses the pink and green color combination from the early 90s......

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    The way I see it the ugliness is more motivation for some of we crazy folks to come up with some sick ass custom paint jobs.

    I've seen some good ones out there. Especially the one racer that did the urban camo design. That was sick as hell.

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    I'm gonna have to call FUGLY on it, after seeing it in person. It didn't catch my eye at all. I LOVE the concept, and all the trick parts. It's the colors. They are well, uh, fugly.

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