OK this is probably a dumb question but I will go ahead and ask anyway. I just bought my RXP about 3 weeks ago, and I have had it in the water twice but I haven't towed it with my truck yet because I have a flat that I am waiting on to get fixed. Its a long story, but instead of fixing the flat I am going to just buy new tires, which I have another week or so to wait for. Anyway, does anyone think I will have a difficult time pulling the ski out of the water with an 03 Ford Lightning. I know its high performance and everything, but it came with a tow package thats more than capapble of towing the ski. I am just afraid that with all of the power I won't be abe to get any traction with the hankook tires I am buying. The ramp I use is fairly old and almost at an 45 degree angle. The truck is only slightly modded, put down 363 HP and 412 Lbft. tq to the tires. Any of your input is greatly appreciate. Thanks in advance.