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    How To: track acceleration using GPS

    I'll give a better walk through when I get my impeller back and do some more speed runs.
    Using an extrex legend or other garmin GPS
    and this software (you can get it off peer to peer networks too)
    You can track acceleration data

    Just set your gps to take tracks every 1 second instead of auto. This is done on the gps device in the setup area.
    When you upload your data to the software you have tracks which give the speed, altitude, course, direction, etc.
    The attached picture is just an example. I don't have the track log set to 1 second. I will post another later when I do more speed runs.
    You can easily get the second data and make a graph.

    This software is great also for mapping/managing waypoints.
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    That is cool, is this option in City Select 7?
    Does it eat up a lot of memory storing the info?

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    Yes it doesn't matter which map you use.
    The tracks cycle themselves and the size is depending on the memory in your device. I have the basic 8meg etrex legend and it has stored a whole season of tracks. I'm sure they are very tiny. You can also save individual tracks so they don't overwrite on the device or on the computer you can export/import tracks to/from your harddrive.

    The etrex legends are capable of a reading per second so it should be pretty accurate as long as you have a good amount of satellites connected.

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    I just checked my gpsmap76s and it only allows a minimum of 2 seconds. It would be perfect if we could get 10ths of seconds.

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    hmm it says yours does 1 per second
    Getting under a reading a second would take a more accurate gps probably like a military version or something.
    I think 1 per second is good enough to get a 0-60+ reading and compare track runs after modifications with a graph plot.

    Maybe upgrade the firmware

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    Acceleration curves

    Give me a couple of days- I have a buddy that races in the open division in the 50' plus "V" hull open horse power division against "BUD" and "MICKY DEE'S." He tells me he has proper software within 1/10th of a second. The only problem is I don't know the difference between standard GPS and expensive GPS or even if there is any DIFF?

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    Great information on how to plot your data and show acceleration graphs

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    Great information on how to plot your data and show acceleration graphs
    This link does not work any more. Bummer.

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