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    96 sl900 wont get past 4000 rpm

    Hello again
    My Sl900 wont get past 4000 rpm and there are no errors on the screen. The fuel gauge shows fuel 3/4 full as well as the oil guage. We tried to disconnect the grey wire as was suggested but then the machine would not start. We reconnected the grey wire and the machine started but again only to 4000 rpm. Someone also mentioned about the carbs, and I was curious if the carbs were clogged would the jet ski still only do 4000 rpm and if it is true how come. Any help would be appreciated.
    Happy jet skiing
    gianni 57

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    Be sure you are taking the grey wire that comes from the cut-off switch to the board. Number 5 in the photo.

    It can be a plugged set of filters in the carb, kinked hose etc and will only reach 4,000 RPM as it's starving for fuel. Run the boat at WOT for about 50 feet and then feel how HOT the cylinder(s) are while on the lake and if you can't rest your hand on it for a moment you know you are lean. Be careful if it's lean it's going to be a scorching hot cylinder(s).

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    Had a similar prob with my SL900. Ended up being the 2 screws that hold the timing plate to the flywheel had come loose and the timing plate slipped. Super easy thing to check. Remove the oil pump (2 screws) and the flywheel cover (like 8 bolts). Found those 2 screws rattling around after removing the flywheel cover.

    Has the motor been rebuilt recently?

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    ck the compression 1st. 4000 rpm could mean a cylinder is fried. comp is easy to ck , and you wont waste time looking for other stuff. If comp is good, then continue on with the diagnosis.

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    like the wolf said , check compersion , then take each spark plug out see if its fireing ( ground it of course ) then if that checks out , than its your carbs and fuel lines ,

    get new plugs first out of everything ,

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    My brother had the same problem with his and it ended up being the stator.

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