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Thread: Mikuni pumps

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    Mikuni pumps

    Does anyone know if u can buy the fuel pump rebuild kit only for the integral pump SBN's??

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    novitech - the new Novi

    Tim will sell you complete take offs cheaper or the same as rebuild kit and they will just bolt on no mess.

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    can u elaborate a little I'm talking about the built into the mikuni carb fuel pumps like on a 1200 xl that has three pumps ? thanks Scott

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    Scott, I think i have enough gaskets and diaphrams to do about 30 carbs. only problem is that all my carb parts are at the lake. I can check tomorrow.

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    Thanks ! I have never bought the full carb kits because my polaris only ever needed the diaphragms,needles replaced so I don't have those common leftovers

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    Use the parts diagram. Everything is available individually.

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    Thanks! but I just see red X's?? EDIT OK! it shows up now! Thanks
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