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    what are the differences between 2003 & 2004 GTX SC ski`s?

    as title states:
    what are the differences and similarities from 2003 model year - 2004 model year.

    besides color and graphics...
    same 185hp engine?
    RPM rev limit?
    (I know 03 and early ski`s had plastic pumps)
    same gauges/LCD?
    any electrical accessory differences, ie: compass/tach/L temp/depth gauge?
    SC differences beside 03 having metal washer set-up?
    steering Head, bars, covers etc?
    fuel pump and tank?

    or is the 04 exactly like the 03 but different appearance?
    what changed for the 04 model year?

    thanks for your input...PR...

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    they're exactly the same jetski except different color / graphics ..I don't know of any differences in engine / hull ...04 has the SC Limited in which it has the GPS, depth finder and the extra accessories ...I'm not sure if the 03 SC engine has metal washers ...from my knowledge they all come with those crappy ceremic washers

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    The tach on the 03 only goes to 8000. The exhaust on the 03 has two water boxes and exits on the left side of the pump tunnel, and the 03 has a brace that was supposed to help the cheap plastic pump from flexing. All it really does is make it hard to get the nut started on the right side of the pump. I think those are the only major differences besides the washers.

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    the 03`s do have metal washer but it is dif from our newer metal washer ceramic replacement systems. My tach on the 04 does go to 8200 when I had the other ecu in. so maybe that`s one difference...PR...

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