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Thread: EMS setups ...

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    EMS setups ...

    Anyone ever thought about using something like the FAST or a MegaSquirt?

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    The FAST would be VERY robust and complete, but would cost a good bit of money. I'm not even 100% sure they will run a 3 cylinder.

    The MS would be for fuel only and a lot cheaper, still need a way to control spark.

    FWIW, I'm a tuner for late model trucks, and wished there was some software available to make modifications to the factory computer. It would have to be fairly reasonably priced and readily available too though.

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    If you get the latest meagsquirt it will control spark. Megasquirt&spark

    It is just a pain to install on these motor from what I understand.

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    Nothing's ever easy is it?

    Will the MS work on a 3cyl? More importantly ... if it will work, will it do sequential injector firing for the 3cyl?

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