Sorry for the noob question but I will be upgrading,doing maintenance and learning some during the winter here in Seattle and I would like to know how the stock 2007 250x deals with pre-detonation. Does the ECU retard timing; cut fuel; both or what?

It worries me a little that I don't have my ear on these things like it used to be when such things needed my attention in my youth and it is a biatch on my fragile psych to have to buy non-optimal fuel at a dock if it has to be. BTW I also went with the 4 year GTP warranty just because I have too many as in four, albeit diesel projects to work on already. I am moderately capable at wrenching and grocking what is going on and heavan and my wallet knows I am not afraid of breaking things. I just have many other things going on to blow this foreign-to-me-yet kits up.

Thanks for all the help I have gleened from lurking and TIA if you can help me on this question.