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    OD size of outlet for the rxp supercharger

    I am at work right now, and I am looking up the right size silicone transition piece for the riva powerfilter.... I picked one up, but the one I bought has been thru hell when he took it off and its pretty scuffed up. I hate to not just replace it before it goes on. Anyone know the "exact" od for the sc, or the ID for the silicone piece? I would really appreciate the help... My computer is still packed up and cant access the net at home!
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    It's a supercharger by the way, people will tear you apart for saying Turbo..The S/C outlet is 2 7/8" and a 3" coupler will work perfect. For a custom 4" intake we get either a 4" adapter from R&D, RXPblast, or Friebe1 or the cheaper route is a 90 degree 4"-3" silicone reducer found at

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