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Thread: Trailer Paint?

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    Trailer Paint?

    What kind of paint can I use over galvanize?
    Is it OK to use rustoleum?...PR...

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    I've always wanted to use rhino liner on mine but mine is painted steel.

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    been there, done this PR... if u recall the work i did on my trailer.

    click the WWW at the bottom of my post, i got a section on my trailer restoration project.

    1. I DO NOT RECOMMEND PAINTING THE TRAILER for salt water use. i went by the book with high quality paints and by the process and advice of local paint experts... it still went to shit over the course of the year.

    for galvanized metals, you need a self-etching primer to adhere to the galvanized surface. Then take a spray can of enamal and spray the hard to reac cracks and crevices.... and then you need a polyurethane oil-based solid enamel. goes on real thick, hard, and heavy... self-levels.

    i personally did wet sanding between coats. Came out amazing for the first couple months! requires WAYYYYYY to much care and maintenace and it went to shit.

    i don't recommend it. If i had to do it again, i would have gotten my trailer powdercoated like i wanted to.

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    Yes that`s right!, Glad you reminded me about that!...Thanks Steve!...PR...

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