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    Purty ski Matt...and welcome!

    You can put a 951 in it, but a modded 800 engine is more reliable and doesn't defeat the handling of the hull like the 951.

    Fly Flame arrestors, carb rejet, and a milled head, Solas XO prop, R&D 85/88 nozzles...for a start, will give you a 61-62 mph ski. Then pipe it, install a MSD 4255 Enhancer, add water injection, Racepak EGT and Tach, will get you 65+

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    Thumbs up

    Nice looking ski Matt. You won't be disappointed with that ski. I've had mine for 11yrs and haven't had any problems other than replacing the fuel baffle last year.
    96XPSS is right on with his suggestions. I started from the bottom up with a Solas XO, R&D 85/88 pump nozzle, R&D trim tabs, Sponsons, and a Jet Dynamics intake grate. Then once the handling is set hit the engine area and have fun.

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    I see you guys are using the R&D flame arrestors...what jets are you using...getting ready to do the carbs on my 96 GSX and not exactly sure which jets to use for optimum performance. Just got the cylinders back and gonna bolt them in place and the carbs would logically be next. I dialed in my 951's but this engine is foreign to of right now...

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    Nice Machine.
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    welcome to the forum Matt, thats a beautiful ski

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schwarzenegger View Post
    Hey Matt...I just read about this watebox mod and plan on diving into it this weekend actually. The worst case scenario is that the waterbox can't be modded, if this is the case all I have to do is have the end cap re-welded and all is back to normal Can't go wrong with such an easy mod and it's supposed to offer a 4HP gain.
    Also my 96 XP 800 has a milled factory head squeezing up to 187 PSI on both rips along right now at about 63 Mph
    The mod he is talking about is for a RXP waterbox, not a 96XP. In other words, it won't work.

    This is also a 4 month old thread...

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