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    Which air intake should I use?

    I usually ride in a pretty calm river ( OK the occasional BARGE wave or two) Should I go with RIVA rear air, or riva power filter? Surf is not a problem.... Any thoughts?
    I went out yesterday, and when I placed the lanyard on, it did beep 2 times. Nothing happened when I hit the starter... waited about 30 seconds, and tried it again.. 2 beeps and nothing... then 2 beeps and started... any suggestions... I am taking it into the dealer for 10 hour svc.

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    it would depend on you style of riding as well,are you a hard rider like to get the ski under alot,if you have only just started skiing maybe wait a bit but sounds like the rear could be for you

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    i say for your conditions a rear wont be a problem. just keep it in mind when you are riding and you should be fine. aka no massive jumps off wakes and submerging the whole rear of the ski on the landing

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