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Thread: Matrix 2000?

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    Matrix 2000?

    Was the Matrix 200 ever really made?

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    do a search on matrix , ha i bet some many guys are luaghing but its ok take a gander at this baby

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    Matrix 200

    Yes they were made.. PM me if you would be interested in purchasing one.. I have one..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Polarisracer166 View Post
    ...if you would be interested in purchasing one.. I have one..
    What condition is your Matrix in?
    I have been hunting for a 2004 MSX140, but I suppose I should consider your 2003 based Matrix as well.

    Has it been raced?

    Who did the conversion, when was it done?
    Was it a brand new boat that was converted?

    What octane does it require?

    How much does a Matrix weigh?


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    OK,so what I'm getting is that Polaris never produced them,owners made them out of the msx 140?

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    Mark Baxter/Factory Pipe made the initial Matrix at their expense......well at Ross Liberty's expense (owner of FP).
    The units went through testing with Polaris and had the go ahead for production when Polaris pulled the plug on the watercraft division.
    A few of the decaled/painted hulls made it to the magazines and are hidden in a few peoples hands.
    The actual numbers are vague and I would imagine the only guys that know the actual count would be FP who made the pipes. All of the components can be purchased through Polaris so anybody could make one BUT the pipes would need to be purchased through FP, other than the couple guys who could make their own pipes.
    The conversion was roughly 5K once you had your boat. Extra money would get you a personalized Matrix and the reason you don't see just one Matrix paint scheme or model year.
    There are only 12 Matrix that were built when FP could no longer keep Baxter employed and he went off to build the Matrix 200's under his company name P3. The other 2 were sold in kit forms, one to Grand Prix in New Zealand and the other kit went to Seebold's here in the states.
    I'll try to add more later, bed time.

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