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    '99 XPL and '98GSXL WATERBOX

    Any good suggestions for mods to stock water box on a 99XPL and a 98 GSXL? Welding is no problem. I don't want to spend the cash for an after market. I read an old thread on mods, but it was for an XP 800. No problem removing the resinator box?(silencer) Is it ok to connect to the tunnel exhaust outlet or cut a new hole and go straight out the rear? Engine is a stage one in both ski's. Engines are out for the season so now's the time to do the mod.

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    Removing anything will kill bottom-end performance. Two-strokes are not 4-strokes...less is not better. They need a certain amount of restriction to scavenge properly. gains to be made in the waterbox. Sorry...
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    on a 951 setup, leave the waterbox can remove the resonator, its just for sound suppression...I removed the resonator on my old GSXL, and never had an issue...It sounded good too...

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