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    Riva IC questions (need help)

    Ok so im thinking about getting the Riva intercooler for my '06 RXP but i have some questions

    Does it really add 15hp and lower the engine temp 50 degrees?

    Do i really need to get the thru-hull exhaust to install it(wich also means i need OPAS removed)?

    Will i need to buy 15/20 impeller?

    because if i really need to do all that ill just go for a stage 2

    my dads not a huge fan of mods but he likes the idea of the engine running colder for some reason i dont know ,hes wierd ,but for the money i think i can convince him to get me stage 2

    and lastly will it void my warranty if riva installs it, hes wondering about that (either the IC or the stage 2 kit)

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    well...from all that I have been reading you don't have enuff mods to spin that prop, 14/19 might be a better choice...As for the intercooler, yes it will lower the temps and it will require a thru-hull in order for the intercooler to fit. The 15 hp increase is subjective but Riva's site has dyno sheet proving such.

    I think to turn the 15/20 you would need to run at the very least a Vortech SC impeller and would definitely need that prop if you goto aftermarket ECU which basically puts you at a stage, tell yer Dad how much of a super guy he is and get the Stage II

    I'm sure the experts will chime in with solid info for ya'

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    Yes, you need to install a thru hull exhaust
    Yes, you need to remove OPAS

    This are good things though.

    Go for the Stage 2, you wont regret it.

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    yea i think ill go for stage 2...

    either that or wait to see how stage 3 turns out
    i called riva they said it was doing about 80mph in testing

    thanks guys

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