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    RXP Stage 2 upgrade questions

    What would the concensus of opinion be regarding the folowing?

    Riva Power Cooler vs Pirhanna (besides price)?

    Riva Vortec vs Greenwheel

    Are 42# injectors necessary/needed for Stage 2?

    Any thoughts on value of adding Riva VTS extension rod?

    Also plan on installing ceramic bearings and steel washers in SC, add intercooler filter....ANY OTHER RECOMMENDATIONS?

    Your "expert" advice will be greatly appreciated....

    Just want to go faster here in Texas!

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    stage II vortech wheel and green wheel is no match. green wheel all the way. the price is only $50 more but it's a world of difference.
    42# injectors are necessary on the stage II only if you have the green wheel or better. the actual stage II combo doesn't require an upgrade in injectors. the vts rod in my opinion (and many other's) is a complete waste, unless you care A LOT about holeshotting and trimming down. you can always lean over the bars to plane quicker. my 5 recommendations (if money is not a VERY important factor) is purchase the stainless steel wear ring, pirahna solid front engine mount, race engineering block-offs, and adjustable nozzle with rings and Riva rear air intake. That will make a fast and more reliable ski.

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