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    ultra supercharger gear oil

    hi guys,

    Where can i get the syntheso supercharger gear oil for the ultra250x? is there any replacement for that specific oil or should i use strictly that syntheso oil. Thanks.

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    You can get it through me, however, the smallest quantity you can but it is 5 liters/5 kg's container. It's $25. per liter. I sold some to a dealer and a few here.

    Gather up some heads for a group buy and divy up like i did - but fair warning- get the money from them before you order. Two out of five committed and then flaked on me.

    Maybe the guys that got it from me will post here.

    Hilomikey found he was a half full at 100hrs.

    If there is interest in more i can order more...but you'll have to divy it up as i will only deal with the main buyer. If you are interested in some post here. Please don't PM me unless you are ready to buy 5 liters of it.

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    Yeppers 2 ounces low maybe. I don't think there is a replacement oil. Just use was is put in the manual. A little pricey, but earths price is the cheapest I seen. Hey Earth How much to ship to Hawaii?

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    I need some!

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    I'm interested also,, I'm up to 40 hours and the manual says to check at 50 and change at 100..

    P.S. I see GM supercharger oil comes in 4 ounce bottles for about 7 bucks. Don't know if this oil is up to the 250x spec. but it may be an alternative than 125.00 for 5 quarts that would then need to be divied up ??? Not trying to under-cut you Earth maybe just an easier alternative..
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    Quote Originally Posted by hilomikey View Post
    Hey Earth How much to ship to Hawaii?
    Hey Mikey, I won't be the one shipping to you unless you want the whole 5 liters! I gathered peeps to go in on splitting the deal as 5 liters is like 100 changes. I really don't want to spend the time to divy up and repackage, collect funds, anymore. Getting peeps interested was like pulling teeth. Looks like more interest since you've posted you were low by half and we've had a couple of chargers blow. I will order from the mfg in the 5 liter jug, and i might be able to get them to drop ship to your door, but someone else will have to divy up and collect from peeps. My pricing is good because i posted my cost. I'm just tryin' to help because i have access to it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris288 View Post
    Not trying to under-cut you Earth maybe just an easier alternative..
    Thanks for the thought Chris...much appreciated. I know you're a good guy and didn't take it that way. Doing anymore on this topic from my end is just a favor to you guys as it is not found on shelves and dealers i've spoken to did not have any.

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    EShkr saved me on this when he put the original deal together because my local dealer did not stock this stuff and I needed real quick turnaround. My SC level was low and a piece of the SC dipstick had broken off (this has happened to others too). I took the opportunity to have EShkr throw in a few cans of Fluid Film. A couple of guys backed out of the original deal though leaving EShkr holding the bag as it were so I can see why he has to be more careful now. If you ask someone to go out of their way like this you really should follow through. Thanks again EShkr!

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    what happened to the piece of dip stick that broke off?..

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    The broken dipstick was discovered by the dealer during a routine maintenance check. I saw the broken dipstick but did not see exactly where the piece had fallen. I can't recall exactly what dlr said other than the piece of metal had fallen down and that it was a near miracle that it did not go further and cause major damage. I noted it because TN 250 and one or two others also had their SC dipstick break. The dipstick had not been accessed prior to that so I figured it somehow broke on its own and I dodged a bullet (although it would have been covered under warranty).

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