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    How To Eliminating Oil Injection?

    I want to eliminate the oil injection on my 1994 SL 750. Can anyone tell me how to do it? I just want to mix the oil and gas. I think it could be fouling one of my cyclinders.

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    Buy a block off plate or make one yourself. Remove the pump and gear from the engine block and cap it with the plate. Use silicone to insure a good seal. Disconnect oil hoses and plug the fittings they went to on the carbs. You can do a couple things to prevent the oil buzzer or light from coming on. 1. leave the oil tank full and sender hooked up. 2. tie the sender in the "full" position. 3 install a 33 ohm resistor in the elec box between the sender wires to fool the ski into thinking it's full of oil. This is the preferred method.

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